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Organization and Functions

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Net-Zero Emissions Promotion Division
  • Remittance, management and evaluation of Administrative Plans and programs
  • Development, promotion and coordination of the National Climate Change Action Guideline and greenhouse gas-related action plans for addressing climate change
  • Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of National long-term Greenhouse gas Reduction Goals Periodic Regulatory Goals
  • Development, promotion, coordination and implementation of National Greenhouse gas Emission Inventory, National Communication;Establishment and drafting of Waste Sector emission management results
  • Deliberation and addressing of the legislations, appeals and state compensation affairs
  • Planning, promotion and management of information application services, application environment and information security of the Department
  • Others related to net zero emissions.
Emissions Management Division
  • Monitoring of greenhouse gas emission sources, reporting, analysis, and registration of emissions, planning, devising, promoting, coordinating, and implementing the carbon footprint verification and management.
  • Planning, devising, and promoting the management policies and regulations for greenhouse gas inspection agencies.
  • Manage of greenhouse gas certification agencies.
  • Planning, devising, promoting, implementing, and supervising greenhouse gas efficiency standards.
  • Promoting and implementing of greenhouse gas reduction strategies by the environmental department.
  • Coordinating and supervising of greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the construction and transportation sectors.
  • Supervising of greenhouse gas reduction implementation programs.
  • Planning, promoting, implementing, and supervising of product carbon footprint reporting.
  • Drafting, reviewing, approving, managing, promoting, implementing, and supervising regulations on carbon footprint.
  • Others related to emission management.
Emissions Reduction and Trading Division
  • Drafting, reviewing, checking, promoting, coordinating, implementing and supervising laws and regulations for voluntary greenhouse gas reduction projects.
  • Examination and verification of enterprises applying for preferential rate reduction plans.
  • Planning, research, promotion, coordination and execution of greenhouse gas cap control and emission trading.
  • Development and promotion of regulations on management of greenhouse gas swaps and transactions.
  • Construction, management and execution of greenhouse gas emission management, offset and trading information platform.
  • Research, analysis and implementation of the international cooperation reduction mechanism.
  • Others related to reduction promotion.
Adaptation Resilience Division
  • Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of climate change adaptation policies, regulations, action projects and action plans.
  • Monitoring of climate change adaptation action plan.
  • Planning, promotion, coordination and implementation of climate scenario risk assessment.
  • Planning, promotion and coordination of climate change mitigation, technology for adaptation, risk assessment and measures on resilience and adaptation.
  • Planning, promotion, implementation and guidance of Low carbon and sustainable homeland.
  • Studying, planning, promotion, review and coordination of carbon dioxide capture and storage; coordination and monitoring of natural carbon sinks.
  • Planning, promotion and implementation of climate change education.
  • Planning, promotion and implementation of resilience of vulnerable groups in the face of climate change.
  • Others related to adaptation and resilience.
Carbon Fee Promotion Division
  • Planning, research, promotion and implementation of carbon fee collection policies, systems and regulations.
  • Planning, deliberation, implementation and supervision of the income and expenditure, storage and use of the Greenhouse Gas Management Fund.
  • Planning, research, promotion, implementation and supervision of greenhouse gas management fund incentives and subsidies.
  • Others related to carbon fee promotion.
International Affairs Division
  • Participate in relevant meetings and activities of the Conference of the Parties, UNFCCC.
  • Coordinate and implement to the pathway of Greenhouse Gas Net-zero emission.
  • Coordinate and compile Key strategies of 2050 Net-zero transition.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement to respond as Carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM).
  • Plan, coordinate and implement to international cooperation in climate change.
Climate Change Administration