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Division of General Planning

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  1. Managing, assessing, and evaluating administrative plans.
  2. Planning, drafting, promoting, implementing, and supervising environmental management policies, regulations, and remediation measures for soil and groundwater pollution.
  3. Developing, promoting, and implementing international cooperation on environmental management.
  4. Setting, applying, managing, and maintaining environmental management digital tools and information integration platforms.
  5. Reviewing and handling cases regarding the legal system, appeals, and state compensations.
  6. Planning, promoting, and managing information application services, application environment, and information security.
  7. Supervising and approving the prevention, monitoring, and remediation of soil, sediment, and groundwater pollution.
  8. Planning, drafting, and supervising strategies for soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification.
  9. Planning, reviewing, implementing, and supervising the income, expenditure, custody, and utilization of the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund.
  10. Serves as the contact unit in respond to natural disasters and epidemic prevention.
Environmental Management Administration