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Venous Industry Assisted in Conducting Carbon Inventory to Raise Competitiveness

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Given Taiwan's policy and goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the Resource Circulation Administration (RECA) will select 20 enterprises from this year’s list of resource recirculation enterprises with green transition and carbon reduction potential and assist them in completing their greenhouse gas inventory reports (ISO 14064-1:2018). It is also training greenhouse gas inventory personnel to raise the competitiveness of Taiwan’s venous industry in the era of net-zero emissions and save enterprises significant costs related to carbon inventory and personnel training.

The aforementioned list of enterprises with green transition and carbon reduction potential consists of over 1,000 companies, collectively representing more than 80% of the total operational capacity within the resource recirculation industry. The RECA has conducted visits to and assessments of approximately 60 companies that showed high potential for carbon reduction benefits and were key targets for green transition. This was done to establish carbon emission hotspot and baseline data for the industry. Additionally, the RECA is selecting and providing guidance to 20 companies to conduct organizational carbon inventories and complete the reports. It is also assisting multiple organizations in adopting AIC (Automation, Intelligence, and Carbon Reduction) processes with the signing of MOUs. The aim is to encourage these organizations to adopt a leading role in the industry and assist smaller companies, and through the integration of industry supply chains, to develop methodologies for carbon reduction in the resource circulation industry. Furthermore, the RECA plans to formulate carbon reduction technical manuals and organize carbon reduction demonstration visits to build the carbon reduction capacity of the industry.

In addition, to assist the industry in facing future challenges related to international trade carbon tariffs (CBAM, CCA), the RECA commissioned the Office of Industrial Carbon Offset Promotions at National Chung Hsing University to conduct professional personnel training. This training has already equipped over 50 seed greenhouse gas inventory personnel, enabling them to engage in carbon reduction efforts within the industry and will contribute to the promotion of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and CSR (corporate social responsibility) implementation throughout the entire industry chain in the future.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, September 2023
Ministry of Environment