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Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide Released

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In order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to echo the theme of World Earth Day, the EPA has released Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide (淨零綠生活行動指引). This guide provides the public with practices for leading a net-zero green lifestyle, encouraging investment in our planet and collective action. Through changes in the daily life, small actions can accumulate into significant changes, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions and the transformation of industries.

Currently, there are various international guides promoting green living, including the United Nations' The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World, the United States’ Green Living Handbook, and Japan's Zero Carbon Action 30. These guides list actions individuals can take in different contexts and situations to reduce carbon emissions. The EPA has studied international practices as reference and collaborated with various agencies to develop the Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide. This guide offers the public simple and easy to understand practices that enable them to embrace net-zero green living and reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives.

In response to the theme of this year's Earth Day, which was "Invest In Our Planet," Earth Day Network proposed action guidelines in six areas: climate literacy, ending plastic pollution, reforestation and tree planting, voting Earth, global cleanups, and sustainable fashion. To align with the theme and action guidelines, the EPA responded with “net-zero green living promotion,” the release of Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide, and “public environmental literacy enhancement,” aiming to invest in the planet with the public.

"Net-zero Green Living” is one of the 12 key strategies promoted by Taiwan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide released this time focuses on six areas of life: "Zero Waste Low Carbon Diet (Food)," "Environmentally Friendly Green Fashion (Clothing)," "Improved Living Quality (Housing)," "Low Carbon Transportation Network (Transportation)," "Sustainable Tourism and Leisure (Recreation)," and "Use Instead of Own (Purchasing)." Under each area of life, specific practices are presented. For example, "Zero Waste Low Carbon Diet (Food)" includes practices such as "eat local, eat seasonal, low carbon cooking," "zero waste of food materials," "bring your own eco-friendly tableware," "reduce food waste," and "choose green restaurants." For each theme, the guide provides concrete explanations for "Why?" "What to do?" "What materials and tools are needed?" and "What resources are saved?" to help people live green and reduce carbon.

In response to the theme of this year's Earth Day, the EPA held a press conference at the The Red House in Ximending titled "Investing in the Earth, Practicing Net-zero Green Living Together." The purpose of the event was to promote public awareness and encourage individuals to make changes related to food, clothing, housing, transportation, recreation, and purchasing in their daily lives, driving transformation in industries.

Three sessions of Net Zero Green Living Dialogue Forums were held. Experts, scholars, representatives from businesses, communities, and environmental protection bureaus were invited to share and exchange ideas on the six major aspects mentioned earlier. Through direct dialogue, the content of Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide was explained, enabling the public to gain a better understanding of the spirit and content of net-zero green living.

Net-Zero Green Living Action Guide can be downloaded at

The website of the 2023 World Earth Day:

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, April 2023
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