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World Environment Day Event Pushes for Reduction of Plastics and Food Waste

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The theme of the 2023 World Environment Day is "Beat Plastic Pollution." The EPA collaborated with local environmental agencies to address the issues of "green diet" and "plastic reduction." The event, "2023 World Environment Day: Beat Plastic Pollution for Sustainable Dining,” was held on the afternoon of 3 June at the Ministry of Culture's Cultural Heritage Park in Taichung City. The aim was to educate the public on how to reduce plastic waste and practice food conservation in daily diets, ultimately achieving the goal of zero waste by 2050 through zero-waste actions and a green lifestyle.

In addition to exacerbating the crisis of water scarcity, global climate change impacts the ecosystems of flora and fauna, which in turn affect the sources of human food and dietary structure. The event titled "Beat Plastic Pollution with Sustainable Dining" centered on plastic reduction and green diet and was suitable for participation by individuals of all ages. It began with an entertaining performance by a percussion band to kick off the activities. It was followed by a stage play, performed by a children's theater group, which aimed to raise awareness among both adults and children about the daily habits that contribute to the production of disposable tableware, kitchen wastes, and other forms of wastes due to convenience or lack of consideration. Lastly, the audience was informed about practical steps they could take to minimize the use of disposable plastic products, thereby alleviating the burden on the environment, and encouraged to embrace plastic-free dining and practice not throwing food away.

A street bazaar on plastic reduction and off-grade produce opened in the afternoon of the event day, with the EPA promoting food conservation and showcasing the achievements of sustainable food initiatives in schools nationwide. Moreover, 16 local environmental agencies together promoted reduction of plastics and uneaten food through games, food made with off-grade produce, and local experts who shared tips on cooking off-grade produce. To encourage people to visit the booths in the bazaar, the EPA even designed a stamp collection activity, in which collecting four stamps entitled participants to one chance to bring home seasonal produce they could grab using their own reusable bags.

At 6:00 p.m. the event screened the documentary “Theater of Life,” which depicts the life of renowned culinary social activist Massimo Bottura, also known as the “poet chef,” and his establishment Refettorio Ambrosiano. The film shows how he led a dining revolution of leaving no food waste and transforming leftovers into delicious meals, presenting one of the most innovative culinary concepts. Last but not least, local environmental agencies from the nation’s 22 counties and cities organized World Environment Day-related activities starting from June 5th. The public is encouraged to venture outdoors and experience the beauty of the environment, fostering a connection with nature.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, May 2023

Ministry of Environment