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Staff training

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(1) Environmental personnel training: to upgrade skills of personnel in all levels of environmental authorities and enterprises, 16 environmental personnel training sessions were held, with 637 people trained on environmental technology, policies and regulations, data applications, administration, and management.

(2) Environmental license training: the EPA conducted air pollution control, and wastewater disposal personnel training for 1,302 people, and 1,024 environmental protection certificates in seven categories were issued. Orientation was conducted for environmental protection personnel and technicians to enable those with certificates that have not used them for over three years to catch up with the latest regulations. A total of 100 people participated in the orientation.

(3) Review for all types of environmental education certification continues: A total of 11,336 people (including 5,041 people certified by the Ministry of Education), 26 institutes, and 209 venues have been certified.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, Apr 2021

Ministry of Environment