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Greenhouse gas emissions management

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  • Management of emissions sources inventory

    The revision of the "Entities Required to Measure, Report and Verify Emissions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions" has been announced on August 8, 2022. In addition to the first batch of regulated entities, the coverage has been expanded to include more greenhouse gas emission sources in Taiwan. It requires the manufacturing industry, where the combined annual emissions of direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion and indirect emissions from electricity use result in a total greenhouse gas emissions of 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent or more annually, to complete the measuring and registration of greenhouse gas emissions for the entire facility (site) by August 31st of each year, based on the emissions from the previous year. The registration of emissions from the aforementioned entities enables us to handle over 80% of the energy and industrial sector emissions in Taiwan.

    The mandatory greenhouse gas reporting scheme not only provides clear information on emissions but also identifies opportunities for emission reduction. To assist and handle the current status of greenhouse gas emissions in industries, the "Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emission Measuring" and an online emission calculation tool has been established to assist industries in aggregating and calculating greenhouse gas emissions, and complete the registration through the "Business Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information Platform." For detailed information, please visit the Business Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information Platform.

  • Management of verifiers and accreditation bodies

    The management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the direction that the Chinese government and private enterprises are committed to promoting. In order to ensure the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions inventory and reduction operations procedures and data quality is reasonable, fair and consistent, the certification and management of inspection agencies has become a priority. topic. To this end, greenhouse gas inspection agencies and inspection operation management mechanisms have been developed internationally. Generally speaking, third-party inspection agencies that are approved by government agencies or certified by international certification agencies mainly check the greenhouse gas emissions or calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of enterprises. Check the reduction performance.

    In order to ensure the inspection quality of the inspection agency's implementation of my country's greenhouse gas emissions inventory, the agency refers to ISO14064s, ISO14065, ISO14066, the reduction mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and international management methods for greenhouse gas inspection agencies, and refers to the international The widely used international certification system and its system entrust the certification body that has become a member of the International Accreditation Forum (International Accreditation Forum, IAF) to carry out the certification of the inspection body. Signed to achieve international standards and promote domestic industries to meet the goals of national greenhouse gas management mechanisms.

    In addition, according to the temperature control law, the Department formulated the "Management Measures for Greenhouse Gas Certification Organizations and Inspection Organizations", which was promulgated and implemented on January 7, 2015; however, in response to the stricter implementation of carbon emission control measures in various countries , and the international industrial supply chain’s demand for carbon reduction continues to increase. It is necessary to strengthen the management of inspection agencies. In the future, this agency will also cooperate with the revision of the climate law and international development trends to revise my country’s management methods and regulations.

    The inspection agency certified by the certification agency and approved by this agency will be granted an inspection agency license. For the latest information about the approved inspection agencies, you can check the enterprise greenhouse gas emissions information platform.

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