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Power Generators and Large Manufacturers Targeted for Carbon Fee Collection for Now

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Recently, much attention has been focused on the progress of the carbon fee collection plan and the formulation of relevant subsidiary laws. The MOENV pointed out that the current plan targets the power generation industry and large-scale operators in the manufacturing industry with annual emissions exceeding 25,000 metric tons. Starting from 2024, the annual greenhouse gas emissions of these industries will be included in the pricing.

The carbon fee rates will be determined by the Rate Review Committee based on factors such as the current state of greenhouse gas reduction in Taiwan, types of emission sources, categories of greenhouse gas emissions, emission scale, voluntary reduction efforts and reduction effectiveness. International carbon pricing implementation and Taiwan's industrial competitiveness will also be considered. The rates will be discussed and decided by the committee in the first quarter of 2024.

In accordance with the Climate Change Response Act, enterprises may apply to conduct voluntary reduction plans and be approved of preferential rates by implementing tangible reduction measures, such as switching to low-carbon fuels, adopting negative emission technologies, improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy, or improving processes. However, only enterprises that are able to effectively reduce emissions and achieve specified reduction targets can apply for the approval of the preferential rates. If they fail to meet the targets in a given period, they will be required to make payments to cover the shortfall.

The MOENV emphasized the need for a diverse set of tools to promote greenhouse gas reduction. It has already promulgated many bylaws to strengthen the system of greenhouse gas inventory, inspection and registration and manage emissions effectively.

The MOENV stated that the planning for the carbon fee collection system is ongoing and the system will be implemented after extensive discussions with all stakeholders. For any questions about carbon fee collection or related issues, please contact the carbon reduction hotline at (02) 2322-2050 or email

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, October 2023
Ministry of Environment