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Optimized Recycling Facilities in Kinmen Launched

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The MOENV has completed the optimization project of a resource recycling storage facility in Kinsha Township, Kinmen County. The facility was launched on 12 October. County Secretary- General Hsieh Shih-chieh, on behalf of County Commissioner Chen Fu-hai, attended and presided over the inauguration ceremony, accompanied by RECA Deputy Director-General Lin Chien-san, Director Yang Chien-li of the Kinmen County Environmental Protection Bureau, and Mayor Wu Yu-chia of Kinsha Township.

The resource recycling storage facility in Kinsha Township was repurposed from an old military camp. Due to increased tourism and the subsequent rise in recyclable materials, the outdated recycling facility could no longer handle storage and sorting of recyclables in the area. Therefore, in 2022 the MOENV approved a subsidy of NT$21.38 million for an optimization and improvement project of the facility. Other than optimizing the basic environmental facilities, the project installed two additional sorting and transporting machines so as to enhance the work environment, ensure the safety of personnel, and improve operational efficiency. It is estimated that the recycling capacity has been increased by more than 30 metric tons annually.

Deputy Director-General Lin stated that the RECA strives to support personnel on the frontline and collaborate with local governments to promote recycling, following the Executive Yuan's program to improve environmental facilities of the cleaning squad. The overall program covers five major welfare aspects, including attire, transportation, access to washing facilities, housing, and safety, and the optimization and improvement project comes from the part emphasizing on housing and hence aims to enhance basic recycling facilities. Since 2020, 49 projects have been approved for subsidization, totaling over NT$990 million. Completion of all these projects will result in procuring 42 recycling machines for local governments, benefiting more than 4,180 cleaning squad members, increasing annual recycling volume by over 445,000 metric tons, generating an additional annual revenue of over NT$100,004,000 from sales, enhancing more than 214,000 square meters in total, and utilizing over 44,000 tons of recycled aggregates.

Moreover, assistance has been provided to integrate regional recycling facilities. The completed Recycling and Circular Education Center in Wugu District, New Taipei City now handles recyclables from neighboring areas (Luzhou District, Sanchong District, and Wugu District), processing approximately 12,000 metric tons annually. The recycling and storage facility in South District of Taoyuan City, and the local area’s regional facility, still in construction, are expected to increase annual capacity by 1,000 metric tons of recyclables annually upon completion.

Looking ahead, Deputy Director-General Lin emphasized the continuous implementation of optimization projects to improve environments of recycling and storage facilities, increase recycling capacity, and support frontline cleaning squad. Efforts will also be made to encourage local authorities to attract the private sector’s participation and investment in essential public recycling infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships, ensuring the ongoing and sustainable recycling initiatives.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, November 2023
Ministry of Environment