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Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation

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Soil and groundwater are closely related to people's lives and the environment; they play a pivotal role in achieving sustainable environmental development. To safeguard the quality of soil and groundwater while addressing pollution concerns, we are dedicated to conducting investigations and assessments on the potential for soil and groundwater pollution. This endeavor is coupled with an active drive to promote the control and remediation of polluted sites as well as to delve into technological research encompassing the reuse of land resources and risk assessment. Simultaneously, EMA foster strong collaboration with both the academic and industrial sectors to review policy promotion and the formulation of pollution management strategies. This collaborative effort allows us to comprehensively understand the current state of preventive management and the enhancements made in remediating soil and groundwater pollution. As a result, the efficacy of Soil and groundwater pollution remediation in Taiwan continues to demonstrate remarkable progress.

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