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Floor Guide

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Floor Office
1F Department of Secretarial Affairs
Reception Room
Bidding Room
Lactation Room
2F Department of Monitoring and Information
3F Department of Personnel
Congressional Liaison Section
Press & Public Relations Section
Childcare Center
4F Conference Rooms
Green Policy Office
5F Chief Secretary's Office
Conselor's Office Superintendent's Office
Conference Room
6F Minister's Officebr
Deputy Minister's Office
7F Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Water Quality Protection
8F Resource Circulation Administration
9F Department of Comprehensive Planning
Northern Center of Environmental Management, EMA
10F Department of Accounting
Department of Legal Affairs
Department of Government Ethics
11F Department of Atmospheric Environment
Driver's Room
Rear Building
Floor Office
B1 Conference Room B01
Conference Room B02
Conference Room B03
1F Conference Room 101
Conference Room 102
Conference Room 103
2F VIP Room
Conference Hall
3F Conference Room 301
Conference Room 302
Conference Room 303
Translation Room
4F Lounge
Ministry of Environment