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Waste Management

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In order to effectively control the flow of industrial waste, Taiwan has announced "Promulgation of Enlisted Enterprise Making Mandatory Online Report on Waste Generation, Storage, Clearance, Treatment, Reuse, Export and Import.", and the total number of enterprises is about 47,000 in 33 categories. Designated enterprises should follow the "Promulgation of Declaratory Format, Event, Content and Frequency Making Mandatory Online Report on Waste Generation, Storage, Clearance, Treatment, Reuse, Export and Import" to declare the flow of clearance and treatment to complete the online reporting operation. When managing public or private waste clearance and disposal organizations, waste clearance and disposal organizations should obtain permission before being entrusted with the business to ensure the efficiency and quality from machinery or facilities. The vehicles of waste clearance organizations should be equipped with GPS for tracking vehicle routes and real-time monitoring of vehicle movements. Waste disposal organizations shall install CCTV in the factory according to regulations, declare the flow of waste and recycled products, and publish its disposal fee. For people or businesses can search online, the fee from waste clearance and disposal organizations have been published in the "Management of Waste Clearance and Disposal Information System".

Referring to the management of exported and imported industrial waste, global transboundary movements of hazardous waste is according to Basel Convention. The Convention aims to reduce hazardous waste, prevent environmental pollution on transboundary movements, and prevent illegal movements. Taiwan manages the transboundary movements of waste in conformity with the spirit of the Basel Convention and actively participates in affairs related to Convention even though it is not a party. Exporters are required to obtained approval from the country of import before submitting an export application to the local government. In addition, hazardous industrial waste can only be exported to member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or countries which signed bilateral agreement with the Republic of China for transboundary movements of hazardous industrial wastes. For the industrial waste imported and exported, online-reporting data are checked to ensure proper handling. And the customs assists in border inspections to reduce occurrences of illegal import and export of industrial waste.

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