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The NERA is in charge of the following tasks:

  1. Drafting and implementation of the research and plans for environmental policy development.
  2. R&D and the impact assessment of the scientific, risk, adaption, and greenhouse gas reduction policies of climate change.
  3. R&D of resource circulation and recycling/disposal/reuse.
  4. R&D of the spread, risk analysis, and pollution control of environmental pollution.
  5. R&D and application of environmental pollution testing/analysis technology and standard method establishment.
  6. Sampling analysis, testing/analysis, bioassay, and forensic investigation of environmental pollution.
  7. Planning, implementation, and management of the permit and certification systems of environmental protection and testing/analysis.
  8. Training, certification, and management of environmental protection and education and climate change responsive personnel.
  9. Certification, guidance, promotion, and management of environmental educational institutes and facilities.
  10. Other matters related to environmental research, testing/analysis, forensics, and certifying institute management and manpower development.
National Environmental Research Academy