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Smart Location Service Affords Owners of Scrap Motorcycles Greater Convenience

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To promote smart operation and convenience of vehicle scrapping, the EPA introduced the service of using smart location for scrap motorcycles so that owners need not be present for vehicle pickup. Trial operation would officially begin on 1 August 2023. Through this new service, motorcycle owners no longer need to be present to coordinate with recyclers for vehicle pickup, allowing recycling without physical presence, thereby saving time and raising overall efficiency. This intelligent service will bring revolutionary changes to the vehicle scrapping process, making the recycling process more convenient and efficient.

The vehicle scrapping process has gone through some growing pain. Vehicle owners were required to pre-arrange a time with a recycling company and then go to the designated location to complete the recycling process. This wait-for-each-other model could result in a waste of time, and problems such as the inability of recycling companies to contact the vehicle owner in a timely manner or inaccuracies in the location could also affect overall efficiency. In addition, many vehicle owners had to take time off or delay other important activities to facilitate the recycling, causing unnecessary inconvenience. The introduction of the service of using smart location for scrap motorcycles is precisely aimed at addressing these concerns and inconveniences, making the entire recycling process more convenient.

The One-Stop Vehicle Scrapping Platform ( was set up with the concepts of integration and data sharing in its services. Through collaboration across government agencies and the use of technologies, the platform is dedicated to creating an innovative and user-friendly vehicle scrapping service. In 2022, it received the Outstanding Award of the “2022 Selection and Promotion Program for Benchmark Learning Cases” in the central government category and the "2022 Cloud IoT Innovation Award" for outstanding application, demonstrating its outstanding achievements in innovative services.

Currently, thanks to the platform, members of the public can apply for cancelation of vehicle registration, pay for fuel consumption and license taxes, or take care of other errands, reducing the time spent on traveling to inspection and taxation agencies, as well as physically waiting in line. From its official launch in January 2022 to June 2023, the platform had recorded a total of 1,089,833 visits. This has saved the public approximately 4,360,000 hours of leave time for in-person transactions and reduced postage costs by approximately NT$54.5 million. It is estimated that this platform has saved the public indirect time costs of over NT$500 million for tasks such as canceling vehicle registrations and renewing license plates. It not only reduces operating costs and improves service efficiency but also provides tangible time savings and convenience for the public.

Despite the aforementioned benefits, the public still needed to meet recyclers in person in order to scrap their vehicles. Therefore, the EPA further enhanced the One-Stop Vehicle Scrapping Platform by introducing the service of smart location for scrap motorcycles, which will make recycling of scrap vehicles even more convenient and efficient. The service application process consists of three simple steps:

Step one: Enter the vehicle owner's ID number (or business registration number, or resident certificate number), select the vehicle type as "motorcycle," input the license plate number, and click on the option of “Smart Location for Scrap Motorcycles.” 

Step two: Choose a recycling company and proceed with cellphone verification.

Step three: Pinpoint the location where the scrap vehicle is parked, upload a photo of the vehicle, and provide a remote electronic signature.

The EPA urges users of the “Smart Location for Scrap Motorcycles” service be mindful of the following three prohibitions:

1) No illegal parking: Please adhere to the regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Rules (道路交通安全規則) for motorcycle parking and avoid parking motorcycles in private parking lots or in places that violate traffic rules.

2) Do not leave keys behind: Vehicle owners are advised not to leave keys behind to prevent vehicle theft.

3) Do not move the vehicle: Once the vehicle’s location for pickup has been determined, please refrain from moving the motorcycle to ensure that the recycling company can locate it at the designated spot.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, July 2023

Ministry of Environment