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Environmental Education Picture Book Carnivall: Learning while Having Fun

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Every year, both adults and children eagerly anticipate the Environmental Education Picture Book Carnival organized by the MOENV. This year, the event took place on 14-15 October at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei City. It featured environmental education picture books selected by the environmental agencies of 22 counties and cities nationwide for having local environmental characteristics and being suitable for children. The exhibition provided activities such as picture book reading, storytelling, theatrical performances, and parent-child do-it-yourself projects, allowing parents and teachers to lead children in enjoying the pleasures of reading together.

The 2023 Environmental Education Picture Book Carnival showcased 78 environmental education picture books that won awards from environmental agencies of counties and cities nationwide. These books cover environmental issues such as green living, climate change, food conservation, ocean conservation, resource circulation and recycling, and environmental degradation. The MOENV hoped that, guided by environmental education picture books with local characteristics, teachers and parents could discuss local environmental issues with children and share ideas about conservation, instilling in them environmental awareness from an early age. Children, while brainstorming solutions to environmental problems, could also reflect on how to put environmental protection into practice in their daily lives.

The event featured a "Love to Read Picture Books Area," allowing children to understand the environmental crisis brought about by the pursuit of convenience through vivid illustrations. Children also learned how to protect the environment through daily actions. In addition, there was the "Love the Earth Story Area" on the first floor and the "Protecting the Environment Story Area" on the second floor, where lively storytelling and theatrical performances of picture book stories aimed to inspire children's environmental awareness and convey the importance of environmental protection.

To ensure children enjoy their reading experience, the exhibition included a "Children Love Picture Book Reading Area," showcasing 235 environmental education picture books that won awards from the environmental agencies of counties and cities nationwide from 2019 to 2021. Additionally, 25 stories from the displayed picture books were recorded for the MOENV's "Listen to Stories, Love the Environment" podcast program. This unique exhibition of environmental education picture books provided parents, teachers, and children with the opportunity to learn and have fun together, igniting the love for the environment through reading.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, October 2023

Ministry of Environment