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Greenpoint Program Partnering with Restaurants to Encourage Better Appreciation of Food

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Greenpoint restaurants that cherish their food not only provide food but also promote the ideals of appreciating food. These restaurants teach people how to better use and enjoy their food by reducing the distances that food must travel, avoiding overprocessing, and preserving the nutritional content of food. For the first wave of this program, Greenpoint users will receive discounts and other benefits When incinerated, PVC releases dioxins due to the chlorine it contains. Over the past few years, the use of PVC containers has declined. In 2017, PVC container usage constituted 0.29% of all plastic containers used, while it made up only 0.42% of all plastic containers recycled. As such, PVC plastic containers are not sorted until near the end of the when dining at sponsored restaurants. In addition to earning 300 to 500 points at sponsored restaurants, participants will receive 500 points upon going to three or more such restaurants. Participants can enter to win cash prizes by checking in on Facebook. More information about this program can be found at:

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