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Green Point Scheme Expands to Include Smile Logo-certified Products

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EPA Minister Tzu-Chin Chang announced that MIT smile logo-accredited products are to be included in the green point redemption program starting from 1 September 2019. The green point scheme allows participants to earn and collect points by taking public transportation, renting public bikes, and taking part in environmental protection activities. The green points can be used in exchange for food, clothing, accommodation and transportation. For example, the points can be redeemed for products with the Green Mark certification, or entrance to environmental education facilities and national forest recreation areas. Points can also be used for purchasing green products or dining at green point partner restaurants.

Minister Chang announced that the EPA would be launching new incentives as part of the green point scheme in September to encourage public participation. Starting from September 2019, the EPA will hold weekly giveaway events to give out one million points to randomly selected participants. Also, purchasing specific items will be given 2000 extra points and purchasing MIT smile logo-accredited products on weekends can earn participants 10 times the number of points.

Both Minister Chang and Director General Jang-Hwa Leu of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs urged retailers to support the green point program to stimulate green consumerism and a circular economy. The scheme also motivates manufacturers to obtain MIT smile logos, Green Mark certification, and carbon footprint labels.

Director General Leu also encouraged consumers to support the domestic products and take part in environmental protection by purchasing MIT smile logo products. The green point system recently expanded to include 814 MIT smile logo products (such as clothing, towels, shoes and small home appliances) and, with the existing green products, now consists of a total of 1,858 green products. The purpose of the green point scheme is to boost green business participation, support a circular economy, and promote green consumerism and sustainable lifestyles. 

Individuals can redeem their green points in exchange for more than 1,000 available Green-mark certified or eco-labelled products (including home appliances, household cleaners, thermos cups, stationery, food and groceries) through the following retailers: E-Life Mall Corporation, RT-Mart, Far Eastern A-Mart, Hilife, 7-Eleven, and ET Mall. The green point system has a total of 320,000 users who have accumulated more than five billion points.

To start earning points, individuals only need to create an account on the Green Point website or app and link up their smart cards or retail customer reward cards to their accounts. Points can also be acquired through shopping from a range of 1,000 eco-friendly products on the website. The green point redemption program is the best reward program in the market where points can be exchanged for up to 10% of discounts on products.

The EPA encourages everyone to download the Green Point app and sign up to enjoy the various benefits of the redemption program while practicing environmental protection in their daily lives. For more information on the green point program, please go to its official website: htps://

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22 (9)

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