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Build A Simple, Green Lifestyle with More Energy-Conserving Offices and Households

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Earlier this year the EPA worked with the Test Rite Group Shilin Branch, mounting a display in the store to demonstrate how to live an environmentally-friendly life. The branch has been rated excellent on the EPA's Green Store and Green Marketing Evaluation. It allows consumers, while on their shopping trips, to learn about environmentally-friendly behaviors that can be incorporated easily into day-to-day life.

The EPA and Test Rite Group joined hands on 7 April 2020 to promote the idea of "Just a Little More Green," which improves the living environment through small acts in day-to-day life.

"Make a green lifestyle the new normal!" said the EPA's Executive Secretary, Nien-Ho Ma, encouraging the public to continue building an environmentally-friendly living environment with the EPA via various measures. They include recycling, reducing plastic, carrying one’s own utensils, replacing old motorcycles, cleaning up and greening environments, and buying products with the Green Mark. This year, efforts have been intensified to bring in the public sector at all levels to join in and push for a green lifestyle by encouraging and mobilizing the public.

The display section in Test Rite Group Shilin Branch demonstrates what environmentally-friendly offices and households can look like and displays dozens of green products for consumers to choose from. For a green household, one can use products with the Green Mark, pay attention to how much is stuffed in refrigerators, clean air conditioner filters, and properly recycle. Also, clean air and a pleasant indoor environment are easily available by first choosing and then correctly watering and fertilizing plants that purify indoor air. Furthermore, the public is encouraged to support renewable energy, use low-carbon products and those with high energy efficiency, reduce idling time of appliances, and maintain appliance efficiency via constant cleaning. There are other good habits of electricity usage that lower energy consumption and cut utility bills, including replacing old household appliances with more energy-conserving ones, sun- or air-drying laundry instead of using machines, and cooking food after it is thoroughly thawed.

Seeing itself as an advocate of green consumption, Test Rite Group has been actively introducing various green products for years and in 2009 began applying to become a Green Store, starting by implementing energy conservation in the air conditioning and lighting of its stores. Various environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products are also continuously introduced to consumers, now accounting for 10.2% of total sales revenues.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, May 2021

Ministry of Environment