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EPA Travel Subsidies Quickly Taken Up by the Public as Green Travel Booms

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In response to the post-pandemic domestic tourism boom and to encourage people to choose Green Mark hotels when traveling and collect green points at the same time, in July 2022 the EPA initiated the first wave of travel discount offers entitled “Leisure Domestic Travel, Green Point Courtesy” to a limited number of recipients. Following the filling of the quota, on 1 August 2022, the EPA launched the second wave of the discount offer with a quota of 1,500 recipients, which was also quickly filled on 9 Aug. This showed that the concept of green travel is growing in popularity and that the public would choose Green Mark hotels first when travelling, to show love for the Earth while enjoying net-zero green living. 

On 15 July 2022, the EPA launched the “Leisure Domestic Travel, Green Point Courtesy” event offering NT$200 discounts for staying in Green Mark hotels. The public responded enthusiastically and had taken all available spots by 25 July. To thank the public for their support for green travel, on 1 August, the EPA launched a second wave of discounts with a quota of 1,500 for people who had not yet enjoyed the subsidies. Again, the public responded enthusiastically and took all the spots in under nine days.

The EPA stated that to encourage the public to practice green travel, experience in-depth local tourism and support the development of local green businesses, hotel and homestay operators in all counties and cities are invited to apply to become Green Mark hotels and green point special contractors. The EPA will launch publicity campaigns from time to time to incentivize Green Mark businesses and to attract consumers to give preference to Green Mark hotels and homestays, creating a green circular economy.

The discount coupons of the second wave of the “Leisure Domestic Travel, Green Point Courtesy” campaign were back on the shelves at 10 am on 1 August. People who downloaded the Greenpoint APP and registered as members were able to redeem green points for the coupons. People who checked in to contracted Green Mark hotels and presented the coupons could get a discount on site of NT$200 per room. These coupons could be used together with the NT$800-1300 travel subsidies the central government offers.  

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, August 2022

Ministry of Environment