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Green Point Scheme Expanded to Help Build a Green Economy

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To participate in the program and start collecting green points, individuals simply download the Green Points app. Users can accrue points by taking public transportation, purchasing green products and participating in environmental activities. Users will receive one green point for every NT$1 spent, then one hundred points may be exchanged to receive a NT$1 discount on green products. This program was designed to attract more people to participate, and within one year more than 100,000 people have enrolled.

In addition, the EPA offers incentives to encourage the public to take public transportation during winter, the season in which air quality usually deteriorates due to transboundary pollution. Taking public transportation during the winter season or making green purchases over weekends can both earn participants ten times the number of points. There are also monthly draws for green products.

Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taoyuan airport metros all have also joined the green point program. In addition, many well-known enterprises actively participate in the program, including nine retail distributors and 23 service enterprises. The EPA stated that stores have seen an increase in shoppers’ inquiries about green points. This trend reflects the spread of the green economic effects generated by green marketing. For more information regarding green points and related activities, please visit

Ministry of Environment