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PChome Obtains Carbon Footprint Label and Rewards Consumers with Green Points

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A new partner has joined the Green Point collection network, allowing shoppers to contribute to environmental protection via shopping while getting rewards by collecting Green Points. With PChome newly certified with the Carbon Footprint Label, Green Point members who shop there can enjoy various shopping perks.

PChome has recently become the first large online shopping platform to be certified with the Carbon Footprint Label for its online retail service. The platform carries out various energy-conserving, carbon-reducing measures and also encourages the public to practice green procurement. Green Point members can combine their membership in PChome on their Green Point accounts to receive 500 points for every purchase made on PChome. Every 100 points are equivalent to a NT$1 deduction on purchases, with 20% of the product price as a deduction cap.

To promote the collection of Green Points, the EPA provides people with more channels to collect and use Green Points, as well as incentives for green procurement through increasing the number of contracted partners in the program. In this way, shoppers will be more willing to collect and use Green Points. There are now nine contracted retailers in the program: A-Mart, RT-Mart, Digital City, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, 7-11, Environmental Protection for Life, ET Mall and PChome.

The EPA explained that these contracted Green Points retailers offer over 2,000 products for which collected points can be exchanged. These items include household appliances, cleaning products, thermal cups, stationery, food products and produce. Collaboration with PChome will not only further promote the Carbon Footprint Label but encourage people to adopt environmentally-friendly habits and purchasing behaviors as part of their daily lives through the collection and use of Green Points.

The EPA welcomes the public to download the Green Point App and register as a member who can practice a green lifestyle while receiving various rewards. An environmentally-friendly life benefits the earth and everyone. Details of the program can be found on the official Green Point website, which also has the latest announcements on the point collection page(

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, November 2021

Ministry of Environment