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Regulations Revised for Green Mark Certification

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The Green Mark evaluation mechanism will undergo changes to improve the certification and management of green products by clarifying responsibilities and operations in evaluating applications for the right to use the Green Mark. Besides assigning professional institutes to conduct third-party certification via an open selection process, the EPA will carefully review the application and evaluation process for green products and also undertake partial revisions on current regulations. For instance, green product certification and issuance of approval documents for the right to use the Green Mark will afterwards be conducted by the assigned certification institutes and the EPA.

Before applying for the right to use the Green Mark on their products and to obtain certificates, enterprises are required to obtain certification reports issued by the EPA-assigned certification institutes. Afterwards, the EPA will then approve the applications and issue the right to use the Green Mark.

Currently, enterprises’ Green Mark applications are all done online on the Green Living website ( The revisions will simplify and expedite the process by adjusting the online application, certification, and document approvals. In the future, application documents are to be filed and submitted online all at once for certification institutes to evaluate whether they comply with standards and other regulations. Once certification institutes issue reports proving the documents are in order, the EPA will be notified electronically by the certification system and then initiate evaluation for the right to use the Green Mark with no further needs for enterprises to submit more application documents to the EPA.

The EPA explained that relevant meetings will be held to assist enterprises to obtain rights to Green Mark usage and needed certificates as well as encourage them to provide more environment-friendly products, ultimately promoting green consumption and production of recyclable, low-polluting, and resource-conserving products.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, January 2023

Ministry of Environment