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Noise Control Zone Delineation Operating Standards Amended

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To safeguard public health and provide a peaceful environment, the EPA has amended the Noise Control Zone Delineation Operating Standards (hereinafter referred to as the Standards). The amendments added regulations governing the delineation of noise control zones for different types of land transportation systems and the requirement to follow the same standards in delineating buffer zones.  

Land transportation systems can create noise that travels a long distance, sometimes even across cities, and can have serious impacts on the living conditions of nearby residents. Since the transmission path and characteristics of traffic noise are different from other general noise sources, it is necessary to set stricter standards for the delineation of traffic noise control zones. The Standards took effect on the day of the announcement. No changes need to be made to the original noise control zone delineation if it was determined before the announcement, but has not reached two years since the delineation. After two years, the local government shall review and delineate once again the noise control zones within its jurisdiction in accordance with the Standards.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 23 (8)

Ministry of Environment