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Project Breaks Ground to Improve River Quality in Chiayi County

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The river quality in Chiayi County is taking a big step forward! Under the witness of the EPA Deputy Minister Hung-Teh Tsai and Chiayi County Magistrate Chang-Liang Weng, the EPA-subsidized project was launched on 10 February, aiming to improve the water quality at the Lioujiao Main Ditch. The groundbreaking ceremony demonstrated the resolve of both the EPA and Chiayi County Government to jointly clean up local water bodies and build a quality environment so that the rivers are more welcoming to the public. 

The Lioujiao Main Ditch (the river section between Nonglu Bridge and Paishui Bridge in Liaojiao) is located in the central business district in Singang, Chiayi, where there are important landmarks and buildings nearby like Singang Park, the town library, and Singang Town Hall. Fengtien Temple, a Class 3 national historic site, is also nearby with numerous religious visitors. This section of the river mainly takes in the household wastewater from Singang’s central business district as well as wastewater generated by several livestock farms, leading to poor water quality and environments.

A relevant project on the Lioujiao Main Ditch will be carried out by the Chiayi County Government to enhance water quality with an approved budget of NT$69,763,752, out of which the EPA will subsidize NT$48,834,626. To effectively treat the water, two purification facilities will be installed, one each in Wenchang Elementary School and Singang Park, which will intercept wastewater from the middle section of the ditch in east Singang and the B Line. They are capable of treating 425 metric tons of wastewater every day via contact aeration before discharging the treated water into the ditch.

Moreover, both facilities will be underground to beautify landscaping. Their installation will be planned in conjunction with the lotus pond in front of Wenchang Elementary School and Singang Park to provide a better living environment. 

The EPA notes that having clean rivers requires the joint participation of the central and local governments as well as the public. The central business district in Singang will be completely transformed after the water quality improvement project is completed and successfully kickstarts the comprehensive development of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, March 2022
Ministry of Environment