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Completion of Improvement Project will Significantly Raise Water Quality

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To protect the water quality in Shihmen Reservoir and the environment of its water supply protection zone, the Shihmen Reservoir Upper Catchment Area–Baling Area Water Improvement Project, which was subsidized by the EPA, has been completed and started operating on 10 Nov 2022. The project used integrated biofilters for effective phosphorus and nitrogen removal, thereby reducing the discharge of household into the catchment area located the reservoir. 

Shangbaling is located in Fuxing District of Taoyuan City with many popular tourist attractions. The household generated by the crowds of tourists affects the quality of the local living environment and the water quality of the upper catchment area of Shihmen Reservoir. Considering that Shangbaling is an area with average altitude of 1,000 meters, scattered small settlements, high and low terrains and cutting streams, a “settlement-style” sewage system has been installed. The project adopted a biofilter technology called BioNET (biological New Environmental Technology), which was developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, in lieu of traditional septic tanks and constructed new sewers, pumping wells and purification tanks. The project was completed on 3 Nov 2022 with 56 households connected to the system and a wastewater treatment facility capable of treating 50 metric tons of domestic wastewater a day. The system is expected to be capable of reducing 6 kg/day of biological oxygen demand (BOD), 6 kg/day of suspended solid (SS), 0.75 kg/day of total nitrogen (TN) and 0.43 kg/day of total phosphorus (TP).

Due to the steep terrain and the narrow and winding roads in the Baling area, construction was not easy. However, with the efforts of the Taoyuan City Government, the problem of household wastewater in the rural area has been resolved, leading to the improvement of the reservoir’s quality and the creation of a high-quality water environment.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, February 2023

Ministry of Environment