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Measures Proposed to Clean up River Pollution in Hsinchu

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In order to comprehensively address pollution issues in Fengshan Creek of Hsinchu County, the EPA conducted an onsite investigation near the water intake point of the creek on 10 July 2023. Representatives from the Water Resources Agency (WRA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Second River Management Office, Taiwan Water Corporation, and the Hsinchu County Government have also been invited to participate in discussions regarding the removal of pollution sources and subsequent control measures.


Mayor Chen Kuang-tsai of Guanxi Township and several local representatives from Guanxi attended the onsite inspection. They expressed that although the water intake point has been relocated upstream, the safety of drinking water is temporarily ensured. However, they hope that the government can assist on the lingering odor issue in Fengshan Creek, including the cleanup of residual pollutants in the riverbed between the Guanxi Water Treatment Plant's water intake point and the Duofentou Bridge downstream. The chairman of the Guanxi Environmental Protection Association, Lo Kung-chi, further stated that public concerns will always exist as long as there are factories within the area that affect the safety of drinking water. Therefore, there should be robust management mechanisms in place, and it is suggested water treatment plants increase placements of monitoring equipment.


Director Yan Hsu-ming Yan of the EPA's Department of Water Quality Protection has given clear instructions in response to the concerns of the local residents at the site. Addressing the pollution and odor issues that concern the public the most, the Hsinchu County Government was requested to promptly develop a plan for cleaning up river pollutants, complete an inventory of potential pollution sources around the water intake point upstream within two weeks, and strengthen enforcement efforts. Additionally, the local Environmental Protection Bureaus are to increase sampling and testing frequencies at water treatment plants and direct water supply points, as well as include testing for styrene compounds. All necessary funds for these measures can be provided as subsidies by the EPA. Moreover, Director Yan urged the Taiwan Water Corporation's Third District Management Office to expedite submission of supplementary materials for the draft plan to establish Fengshan Creek Water Quality and Quantity Protection Zone. The plan is to be promptly submitted the WRA for review in order to facilitate the establishment of a water quality protection zone for the water source of Fengshan Creek.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, July 2023
Ministry of Environment