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Amendment of Management Regulations of Environmental Education Facilities

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Amendment of Management Regulations of Environmental Education Facilities

More than ten years have passed since the promulgation of the Regulations Governing the Certification and Management of Environmental Education Facilities (環境教育設施場所認證及管理辦法) on 2 June 2011. To enable environmental education facilities to provide more comprehensive and professional services, information, and resources for environmental education, to adjust the certification and management procedures for these facilities to meet practical implementation needs, and to streamline administrative procedures, these regulations have been amended.

The key points of this amendment are as follows:

1) Various articles and provisions have been consolidated, explicitly requiring environmental education curriculum plans to be linked to environmental protection. The grace period for environmental education personnel to obtain certification has been removed, and to ensure that environmental educators remain aligned with practical practices when performing duties, a new provision has been added stating that such personnel should provide evidence of having participated in relevant workshops within one year prior to their appointment.

2) Amendments have been made to certification review regulations to align with practical operational requirements.

3) A correction procedure has been defined, with a review timeframe not exceeding six months.

4) The involvement of relevant agencies, experts, and scholars in certification reviews has been expanded, and it is stipulated that review committees may be established and initial review meetings convened.

5) If the original certification has expired and a decision to approve an extension has not been made, those who have applied for an extension within the prescribed timeframe may continue their operations based on the original certification content. Those who have not applied for an extension should reapply for certification after the expiration date. Additionally, amendments have been made to the documentation requirements and review procedures for extensions.

6) It was added that training for environmental educators may be organized when necessary, and environmental education facilities must not obstruct their training.

7) Depending on the type of documents to be modified, it is specified that a pre-modification or post-modification procedure should be conducted.

8) The requirement to submit annual achievement reports has been revised to quarterly reports of implementation results via online transmission.

9) A review timeframe has been added. Specific conditions related to academic or professional evaluation organizations have been removed. In line with the streamlining of annual achievement reports, new regulations regarding the review of self-assessment reports have been introduced.

10) A new provision stipulates that environmental education facilities no longer engaged in environmental education activities must apply for the revocation of their certification.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, August 2023
Ministry of Environment