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Taiwan and Korea Hold Soil and Groundwater Remediation Forum

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In 2012, Taiwan and Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Soil and Groundwater Remediation, and a four-year extension was signed in Seoul, Korea in 2016. According to the memorandum, conferences will be held in Taiwan and Korea on a rotating basis. Korea sent a delegation consisting of representatives of governmental agencies, the Korea Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment (KOSSGE) and the Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) to attend the conference in Taiwan in December 2017.

In recent years, both Taiwan and Korea have gained a better understanding of soil and groundwater remediation and management. Progress was made in areas such as oil leakage prevention at gas stations and groundwater quality monitoring. The 2017 conference further extended to topics such as off-site soil remediation and groundwater quality control.

On 12 December, a steering committee meeting was held to discuss issues such as the achievements of industrial and academic exchanges and research, and the following year’s discussion topics. Time was also spent to confirm information exchanged, which included the Korean government’s research budget for management of soil and groundwater, related industries, and operations abroad. Taiwan shared information on policy development for related industries and on the current status of contamination sites under management. A forum was held after the steering committee meeting, in which scholars and experts from both countries were invited to share views on new soil and groundwater inspection technologies, land revitalization development, as well as methods and cases of farmland inspection and remediation.

The EPA has actively participated in remediationrelated international cooperation and exchanges since it established the Working Group on Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Pollution of Asian and Pacific Region (ReSAG) in 2010. Through such international cooperation, the EPA hopes to advance local and regional remediation capabilities.

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