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USEPA Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator Jane Nishida Visits Taiwan

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The Agreement between the American Institute in Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States for Technical Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection was signed by the EPA and USEPA in 1993. Under its framework, both parties would sign implementation plans every two to three years, which has resulted in 12 plans up to this year. This joint cooperation model between the two countries has successfully led to introduction of advanced pollution control technology and environmental management experiences from the US. It has been of tremendous benefit in developing Taiwan's policies and capacities for environmental protection and management as well as the adoption of environmental quality improvement technology.

Regarding the challenges of transboundary pollution, Taiwan and the US jointly launched the International Environmental Partnership (IEP) in 2014, aiming to tackle environmental issues requiring cooperation. This shared platform combines experts, scholars, and students from both sides in the hope of creating a healthy and clean environment. To date, about 80 events have been organized with 40 countries participating.

In 2018, the IEP organized several events in May and June. They included the Air Quality Control Strategy Exchange Symposium and preparation meetings for upcoming events such as the GEEP Consultant Group Meeting and the Asia-Pacific Environmental Education Preparation Meeting, the 8th IEMN, and the 7th Annual Asia Pacific Mercury Monitoring Training Workshop.

For the second half of 2018, events planned to be held under IEP include the 7th Asia Pacific Mercury Monitoring Training Workshop, the IEMN, and the GEEP.

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