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Science and Technology Projects Achievement Presentation Event Displays Technology Applications towards Achieving Environmental Sustainability

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On 8-9 November 2021, the EPA held the "2021 Science and Technology Projects Joint Achievement Presentation Event", which is the first in recent years that combined dynamic presentations and static display of the achievements of applying the science and technologies in the fields of air, water quality, waste, toxic chemical substances, soil and groundwater, monitoring (testing), inspection, and Internet of Things to issues concerning people's livelihood.

In his speech, EPA Deputy Minister Hung-Teh Tsai stated that the EPA's science and technology projects had laid the foundation well. Since 2015, technologies began to be developed to apply big data to air quality, the Internet of Things, water quality sensing, etc. Information technology has also been used as a tool to strengthen environmental law enforcement. Moreover, these technologies were even successfully exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other places in the world. In recent years, the EPA has also been cooperating with the US EPA to assume the role of a regional technical training center. All of the above shows that remarkable results have been achieved in the development and application of science and technology. To encourage the audience, Deputy Minister Tsai pointed out that now is the critical time to respond to the challenges of global climate change. It is hoped that through the investment and research, and development of environmental protection technologies, the resources and energy of academia, industry, and government agencies can be concentrated to achieve the goals of net-zero emission by 2050 and environmental sustainability.

In this event, the EPA specially organized two expert seminars inviting industry and academic experts to share future prospects on "2050 net-zero carbon emissions" and "resource circulation and sustainable utilization." Eugene Chien, ambassador-at-large, and Shu-Chiang Fu, Director of the Taiwan Environmental Sustainable Development Foundation, were invited to host two forums leading industry, government, academia, and research experts in lively dialogues with experienced domestic experts.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, December 2021

Ministry of Environment