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EPA Holds Public Meeting for New Taipei City Offshore Wind Power Generators

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The EPA is in the process of reviewing the case for an offshore wind power farm in New Taipei City. A meeting was held to gather public opinion on the matter. The concerns raised by the public included issues such as the offshore turbines’ impacts on fishing, landscapes and noise pollution. During the meeting, the EPA stated that the developer will be required to address all concerns raised by civic groups in the later environmental impact assessment (EIA) review process. The EPA will also closely inspect and monitor the follow-up implementation of the decisions and recommendations made by the EIA review committee.

To review the “New Taipei City Offshore Wind Power Project Environmental Impact Assessment Statements” submitted by the Equis Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., the EPA invited the members of the EIA review committee to a public meeting and on-site observations in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City on 21 October 2017. Local groups’ opinions, and the comprehensive environmental background and data collected from onsite observations, will serve as references for the EIA review.

The EPA pointed out during the meeting that concerns raised by civic groups about wind power generators’ impacts on fishery, the landscape and noise pollution, will be addressed by the developer in the follow-up EIA review. In addition, the EPA will inspect and monitor the implementation of decisions and recommendations made by the EIA review committee. Questions surrounding the necessity of developing wind power, site selection for offshore wind farms and environmental assessment of energy policies will be referred to the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the competent authority of the development, for further comments.

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