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Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technology Certification Will Help Environmental Enterprises Enter International Market

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To carry forward the achievements of soil and groundwater pollution remediation of the past 20 years, the EPA launched in 2021 the soil and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation technology certification system, with plans to implement a three-stage certification scheme consisting of Delisted Site Remediation Technology Certification, Remediation Technology Effectiveness Certification and Environmental Technology Verification.

The EPA explained that it is often difficult for parties responsible for pollution to select appropriate remediation technologies and strategies to counter soil and groundwater pollution incidents. The first step in the EPA’s implementation of the soil and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation certification system is to choose companies with outstanding remediation technology and good remediation project management, and that had operated in pollution sites delisted within the last five years. They would then be awarded with delisted site remediation technology certificates in both Chinese and English. A summary of relevant information, such as cases of successful remediation, general company information and remediation processes would be placed on a website for the public to reference. With the issuance of these certificates, the compilation of domestic cases detailing different types of sites and environmental conditions will enable the public to conduct quick inquiries and consultations. The certificates will also serve as proof of work performance for remediation companies to promote their services.

The EPA stated that in 2022 it would continue to implement the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Remediation Technology Effectiveness Certification, beginning with self-declarations by remediation companies of remediation technology effectiveness, followed by the issuance of technology certificates upon review and approval by experts. The scope and effect of applicable conditions will be listed on the front so that the functions, limitations, and effects of domestic technologies can be accurately evaluated and the technologies quality-checked to ensure that the public can obtain good technical services.

To assist domestic remediation companies and the environmental protection industry to enter the international market, the EPA will establish the environmental technology verification system based on the ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification standard. Starting from soil and groundwater remediation technologies and covering other environmental protection technologies developed domestically over the years, the performance, innovativeness, and environmental friendliness of these technologies will be systematically evaluated. Then through mutual certification by international organizations, the system could help form a “national team” representing the domestic environmental protection industry that will help Taiwan’s innovations enter the international market and help solve environmental problems worldwide.

The EPA emphasized that implementing the three-stage soil and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation technology certification system will accelerate the remediation of domestic polluted sites, establish technological models and provide guidance for the upgrade, improvement, and eventually internationalization of domestic technologies. Visit the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Funds website ( for more information.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, March 2022
Ministry of Environment