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Taking Full Responsibility for Environmental Management: Legislative Yuan Passes Ministry of the Environment Organic Act

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The Organic Acts of the Ministry of the Environment and its subordinate administrations (or national academy) passed the third reading on May 9. The Environmental Protection Administration will be restructured to become the Ministry of the Environment, while four subordinate administrations -- Climate Change Administration, Resource Recycling Administration, Environmental Management Administration, and Chemical Substance Management Administration -- as well as a new National Academy of Environmental Research will be established.

In light of the international trend of net zero emissions and global environmental changes, the government has shifted its focus from "natural resource management" to "actively responding to the global environmental situation and creating opportunities for Taiwan's transformation." The government now integrates various authorities and expands its scope of work as it addresses five major environmental issues: climate change, resource recycling, chemical substance management, environmental quality management, and environmental research. As for management of natural resources, the Democratic Progressive Party caucus has proposed to establish a governance group that incorporates relevant government authorities under the Executive Yuan.

The EPA said that the work of the new Ministry will be more in line with international carbon reduction efforts, as it coordinates the reuse management authorities and the responsibilities of various agencies, and builds waste treatment facilities. The policies on green economy and sustainable development will also be more effectively carried out. With the continuous promotion of environmental education and public campaigns, public awareness of environmental issues will be raised. The Ministry will work with the entire citizenry to reach the goal of net zero by 2050 in order to preserve a healthy Earth for future generations.

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