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Three Green Eating Tips for Lunar New Year

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The Year of the Tiger has arrived, and together with the EPA, we will celebrate the beginning of a good year in wealth and prosperity! Appreciating food and blessings in line with green eating habits can help us preserve the beauty of the environment and accumulate fortunes when shopping, cooking, and eating out every day.

Food is a precious resource of the Earth. According to a United Nations report, 1/3 of food is wasted in the process of production, harvest, transportation, and consumption before being consumed. According to the EPA’s statistics, Taiwan recycles approximately 40,000 metric tons of food waste per month. A large amount of discarded food generates food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and other problems that encumber the Earth’s environment and is also a waste of resources.

The EPA shared three tips on cherishing food during Lunar New Year that would help people guard their wallets and not worry about where to place their food scraps from Lunar New Year feasts.

【Purchasing】Planned shopping. Open the refrigerator to confirm the ingredients and ponder over the amount to be consumed by the family before heading out to shop. Purchase only the amount to be consumed. Moreover, consider purchasing non-standard or “ugly” fruits and vegetables and cherish every piece of healthy and nutritious food. 

【Cooking】Complete utilization of foods. Make use of every part of food, including remnants that might be turned into delicious dishes, and do not worry about discarding food scraps.

【Eating Out】Give priority to stores that advocate food conservation when making reservations or buying gifts, support food conservation with action by ordering suitable food content and quantity, and bring containers to take away leftovers. 
There are now food and beverage store owners across Taiwan who echo the food conservation initiative. The EPA invites you to join the food conservation campaign by cherishing food, reducing food waste, and celebrating Lunar New Year with Mother Earth.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, February 2022

Ministry of Environment