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Improved Management Thoroughly Tracks Reuse Products

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The EPA has amended the Management Regulations for Reuse of Industrial Wastes (事業廢棄物再利用管理辦法) specifically for eight reuse products including pavement materials. Revisions include regulations and limitations on usage sites, quality standards (Table 1), and inspection frequencies. Flows of these wastes and reuse products are to be thoroughly track in order to ensure proper reuse.

The Management Regulations for Reuse of Industrial Wastes was announced on 19 January 2012 and was later revised once. This amendment was implemented with the aim of properly managing reuse products and tracing their final destinations.

Focusing on operation and management of reuse products, the amendments specifically target reuse products as base- or bottom-grade aggregate materials, pavement materials, aggregates for road constructions, bricks, cement products, mixed concrete cement, controlled low strength materials (CLSMs), and asphalt concrete. Use of these products are prohibited in environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs) and must comply with leaching standards concerning the usage of recycled aggregates in the environment, as well as undergoing inspections with mandated frequencies. Other details include limiting sales targets, mandating to equip all clearance and transport machinery with GPSs, tracking clearance and transport with manifests, and registering the last usage locations.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, December 2022
Ministry of Environment