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“Only One Earth” as Theme of 2022 World Environment Day

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The theme of 2022 World Environment Day was “Only One Earth," which aimed to encourage every country to adopt policies that promote cleaner, greener, and more sustainable lifestyles in order to achieve harmony with nature. Taiwan has also caught up with the global trend, with the central and local governments all answering the call for a zero-emission, green lifestyle. EPA Minister Tzi-Chin Chang led directors of all 22 local environmental bureaus in the shooting of a promotion video series, “2022 World Environment Day – Green Lifestyle for All”. The videos invite all citizens to help create a future of zero carbon and green lifestyles and loudly voice love for everyone’s Only One Earth.

No one is an outsider in the task of environmental protection. As the authority in charge of this area, the EPA has rounded up all counties and cities to answer the global call for zero-carbon and a green lifestyle, an act that displays the central government’s resolve to cooperate with others. Made jointly by the central and local governments, the video series shows all counties’ and cities’ efforts, filled with unique local features, in the transformation toward green lifestyles through utilizing local advantages, conserving resources, and protecting environments. Every county and city has helped safeguard the Earth by actively promoting a green lifestyle and making changes in food, clothing, households, transportation, education, entertainment, and consumption.

The “2022 World Environment Day – Green Lifestyle for All” series includes a 90-second-long video and a three-minute-long one. Both were debuted on the EPA’s Facebook page on 3 June and concurrently launched by county and city environmental bureaus. The public is welcome to share these videos on social media to show one’s love for our Only One Earth.

Moreover, for public inquiry the EPA has added a page on its Green Life website ( to showcase features and highlights of different counties and cities in their promotion of a green lifestyle. This is to help people understand concepts of zero carbon and a green lifestyle as well as the efforts of local governments.

The EPA has emphasized that there is only one Earth and one Taiwan for us all and that now with the pandemic it is ever more imperative to ponder the balance between the human race and the environment. Everybody is encouraged to work together on protecting the environment by making small changes in their daily lives in order to achieve net zero and a green lifestyle by 2050.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, June 2022

Ministry of Environment