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Summit of Circular Economy Enterprises Held to Promote Resource Circulation

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The 2022 Taiwan Circular Economy Outstanding Enterprise Summit was held by the EPA on 28 Oct. 2022 to encourage enterprises to increase the use of recycled materials and establish innovative reuse service models, so as to demonstrate Taiwan’s determination to develop a circular economy and to promote inter-industry connections and cross-field matchmaking and exchanges. Speeches on issues such as the application of renewable energies like solid recovered fuel (SRF) by enterprises, green finance, and new green transformation were given. A special exhibition on resource circulation industries in Taoyuan City was held, and a visit to Tayuan Mill of Cheng Loong Corporation was arranged.    

The summit opened with the Special Exhibition on Resource Circulation Industries in the morning, which was held in cooperation with locally unique reuse and waste processors in Taoyuan. The integration of the Taoyuan region as a resource circulation industrial settlement is a good example of industrial symbiosis and cooperation to build a local resource circulation industrial chain. The exhibition focused on local resource circulation industries in Taoyuan and divided the scope of waste processing into seven areas, namely, electronic and electric appliances, building materials, basic industries, daily life, cultural creativity, waste-to-energy and agriculture. In each area, finished products made of waste were displayed to show the process through which wastes are reused and transformed. Introductions on how resource circulation was accomplished by waste processing and reuse enterprises with upstream and downstream industries in the chain and how their communication and exchanges facilitated the local development of circular economy industries in Taoyuan were also given. After the exhibitions successful end in the morning, exhibits were kept in Taoyuan Sustainable Resource Center as permanent exhibits. In the future, groups and government agencies can make an appointment on the center’s official website or by phone before visiting.      

In the afternoon session of the summit, presentations on cases of enterprises applying SRF, green finance and opportunities and challenges in the face of new green transformation and a visit to Cheng Loong Corporation were organized. Representatives from the Xinwu Plant of YFY Packaging Company and Cheng Loong Corporation were invited to share cases of enterprises applying SRF to encourage industries to follow suit. The Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank was invited to speak about how it promoted green energy financing solutions to create ample business opportunities for green energy financing, thereby providing new solutions for corporate transformation and promoting the development of sustainable energy.     

PwC Corporate Sustainability Service Company was invited to share the key problems being faced by Taiwanese industries and the opportunities and challenges for green transformation. The summit concluded successfully after all participants learned about real-life waste-to-energy cases on site by visiting the Tayuan Mill of Cheng Loong Company and seeing the SRF manufacturing and utilization plant and its biogas power generation system up close.

Promoting resource circulation and increasing resource utilization efficiency are international trends. To reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the government of Taiwan will continue to lead with policies by clearly formulating twelve key strategies and providing projections and action pathways towards net zero in 2050, so as to promote economic growth, drive private investment, create green jobs, achieve energy independence and enhance social well-being.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, November 2022
Ministry of Environment