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National Air Quality Monitoring

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The department's responsibilities include collecting and analyzing international trends in air quality monitoring. It also formulates annual domestic monitoring plans, evaluates the appropriateness of types, numbers, and coverage of air quality monitoring stations nationwide, and establishes a mechanism for selecting locations for all types of monitoring stations. The process involves determining monitoring targets, site selection, station setup, data collection, data research, and evaluation. Expert consultation and discussion meetings are planned to ensure comprehensive input. The department integrates resources from the national air quality monitoring station network and collaborates with experts to make necessary adjustments and establish monitoring stations that are representative of different areas. Furthermore, the department focuses on optimizing the suitability of the air quality monitoring station network and maintains a record of locations, attributes, and the number of monitoring stations across the country. This information is used to assess compliance with the "Air Quality Monitoring Stations Establishment and Monitoring Guidelines."

Ministry of Environment