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High-Precision Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

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The department evaluates the feasibility of establishing greenhouse gas monitoring background stations in alpine areas to collect vertical monitoring data for the investigation and understanding of the distribution of greenhouse gases in the environment. The department is also tasked with improving the monitoring capability of background stations and cross-border transmission patterns, exploring transmission of greenhouse gases at maritime boundaries, and establishing baseline greenhouse gas concentrations. Another significant responsibility of the department is to strengthen the quality assurance of monitoring and operation of the greenhouse gas station network. This involves ensuring the performance, accuracy, and precision of instruments, analyzing the spatial and temporal variability and regional variability of CH4 and CO2 monitoring data from all stations in the flatlands, reviewing the regional variability of concentration and monitoring requirements, and assessing the monitoring performance of the stations in the flatlands for reference in the potential adjustment and addition of stations. The department will continue to advance the development of analysis and technology of carbon cycle gases (CO2, CH4, CO) and halogenated trace gases (CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, PFCs, N2O), and further improve the identification analysis of isotopic substances (13C, 2H, 18O, 15N, 34S).

Ministry of Environment