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Plastics Resources Circular Treatment

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Taiwan's annual demand for plastics amounts to about 13 million tonnes each year, of which 3.41 million are used domestically. Those plastic products after use are mainly for materials and energy recycling. It is estimated that about 1.04 million tonnes of materials will be recycled and reused, the plastic recycling rate is around 40%. And other waste plastics are about 1.621 million tonnes, of which about 1.535 million tonnes will be recovered from energy recovery. The Resource Circulation Administration(RECA) has established the strategy of promoting plastics resource circulation, including eliminating unnecessary plastics, leading alternative practices, stimulating reuse and innovative business models, as well as effective collection, facilitating recycling, reducing resources consumption, maximizing the value of materials use. (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Plastics Resources Recycling Flow chart
Figure 1. Plastics Resources Recycling Flow chart
Ministry of Environment