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Coastal Cleaning and Maintenance

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Surrounded by the ocean, Taiwan possesses abundant marine resources, diverse topography, and ecological environment. However, the coast is susceptible to human activities, terrains, and tides. It is easy to accumulate driftwood, discarded fishing nets, fishing gear, and garbage that damage the environmental landscapes. The problem in the past was that the division of labor between agencies was unclear. In order to achieve the goal of constantly keeping the beach clean, it is necessary to clearly define the coastal rights management unit, establish clean-up mechanisms, reduce the amount from the source, face the problem, find out the cause, and continue to conduct rolling reviews. "Salute to the Sea - Coastal Cleaning and Maintenance Program" proposes five major ocean-friendly policy pillars, establishes a system and implements it, and formulates a specific, feasible and long-lasting "Salute to the Sea" system to keep Taiwan clean forever.

Ministry of Environment