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Green Point

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Concept of Green Point
In order to promote the concept of "Green Consumption Cycle", Ministry of Environment has implemented the "Green Point System", so that whether you buy green products, take public transportation or participate in environmental protection actions, you can turn them into "Green Points" to obtain substantial feedback and achieve "valuating green actions".

Through the Green Point System, we will start the habit of green life and environmental protection shopping, make green consumption a part of our life, and work together to reduce resource waste and slow down the impact on the environment. At the same time, it can also indirectly encourage enterprises to invest in the development of green products, drive the production source to reduce carbon emissions, and thus alleviate the greenhouse effect.

Uses of Green Point
Green Points can be used in a wide variety of ways, and can be exchanged and discounted for products with Green Marks, Carbon Footprint Labels, Taiwan-Made Logos, Certified Agricultural Standards, Taiwan Organic Labels, and Traceable Agricultural Products certifications. We can also get discounts by green points if we go to the green facilities, environmentally friendly restaurants and environmental education facilities and venues, etc. Through Green Point System, we can integrate environmental protection into our daily life and easily practice green consumption.

100 green points ⇋ 1 NTD

Significance of Green Point
The green leaf is integrated with the ∞ infinity symbol, which symbolizes low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, virtuous circle and sustainable regeneration, and conveys the concept of green consumption. The green dots on the upper right represent various low-carbon actions and environmental protection actions in the Green Point System. All of them can be turned into "green points" for accumulation and exchange. The intertwined human shape of ∞ and green dots represents the whole people practice green action together, making "Green Point" a national movement, experiencing "valuable green actions", and protecting our Earth!

Love the Earth starts from Green Point, register as a member immediately, every time your green behavior will become the key to saving the Earth. The positive changes brought about by the concept of green consumption cycle require everyone to support and respond. Please invite your relatives and friends to join the ranks of Green Point, so that environmental protection can be integrated into life and life can realize environmental protection!

Ministry of Environment