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Metals and Chemicals Resource Circulation

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Currently, priorities for the promotion of metal resources circulation are set for items that are more relevant to people's living, such as electrical and electronic products, energy storage and electric vehicle batteries. Since the metal resources used in these products include lithium, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, etc., that proper recycling of these metal resources can reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Most of the chemicals in Taiwan are manufactured by domestic and foreign suppliers, and they are recycled or discarded after industrial use. Recycled products are returned to the original industry or other industries for use, while electronics industry is the main user. Chemicals are important materials in the manufacturing process of electronics industry, such as isopropanol, sulfuric acid, etc., that are used for drying, cleaning, etching and other related applications. With the booming development of high technology, the structure of related electronic components has become more and more sophisticated, and the requirements for impurity of chemicals are more stringent, while the amount of chemicals used is also rising. In order to make effective use of chemicals, the Resource Circulation Administration(RECA) and other relevant Departments together are also actively promoting in this direction by formulating the following promotional measures and implementation tools to promote the recycling of chemical resources (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Chemicals Resource Circulation Flow Chart
Figure 1. Chemicals Resource Circulation Flow Chart
Ministry of Environment