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Public nuisance petition services

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    To guard the environmental quality of the public and improve the efficiency of serving the people, the "Public Nuisance Petition System " was established in 1993 to integrate the public nuisance petition workflow across the country.

    Through this system, multiple channels were provided for the public to petition pollution cases, such as telephone, Internet, sending a written report , e-mail, and fax.

  • Instructions for Handling Public Nuisance Petitions
    • (1)Accepted items
      • 1. Noise: Refers to measurable continuous noise (including low-frequency noise), excluding sounds that are not continuous or difficult to measure, such as noises from nearby neighbors and barking animals.
      • 2. Odor pollutant: Air pollution with identifiable odors, such as restaurant fumes or open burning.
      • 3. Air pollution without odor: Air pollution without obvious smell, such as airborne dust.
      • 4. Water pollution: Industries, sewage systems or sewage treatment facilities of buildings discharge waste water indiscriminately, causing water pollution or river pollution.
      • 5. Environmental hygiene: Unclean living environment affecting the quality of life, such as littering and dumping domestic sewage by the roadside.
      • 6. Industrial waste: Illegal storage, removal, or disposal of waste by businesses.
      • 7. Other: Soil pollution, illegal operation of Toxic Chemical Substances, illegal usage of environmental agents, vibration, light pollution, etc.
    • (2)Acceptance methods and channels

      If you encounter environmental pollution incidents in your daily life, you can report them to the environmental protection service center through telephone (0800-066666), Internet, fax, sending a written report, or via e-mail. The environmental protection authorities will quickly and effectively handle your petition.

      The environmental protection authorities will handle the case according to the "Operating Procedures for Environmental Protection Authorities to Handle Public Nuisance Petition". Please provide your real name and contact information for inspectors to communicate contents of the petition with you and reply handling results. Environmental protection authorities will strictly maintain the confidentiality of your personal information.

    • (3)Processing Flow
      Picture  Processing Flow
      Picture Processing Flow
  • Reporting other items
    1. To report vehicles emitting black smoke, please visit Reporting Guidelines
    2. To report vehicle noise, please visit Reporting NoiseCar
  • Analysis of reporting data to assist inspections

    Due to the increasing public demand on environmental quality and the rising number of petition cases, big data analysis technology was introduced in 2015. Using massive dataset accumulated in the petition database, the petition hotspot was established to assist inspections and explore pollution incidents that the public is most eager to solve.


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