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Training of Environmental Certificate/License Operations

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In response to the delegation of dedicated environmental workers required by enterprises and factories (plants), we organize various environmental certificate/license training programs to enable the workers to become familiar with the environmental affairs in controlled workplaces, provide enterprises (organizations) with sufficient environmental workers, help the enterprises perform the air pollution (control) and management tasks satisfactorily, promote the environmental efforts jointly, and work together to build an island of "blue sky and green earth, verdant mountains and clean water, universal environmental protection, and sustainable health" where all people can live safely. The following tasks are to be promoted:
  • Issuance, revocation, abolishment and management of environmental education certificates/licenses
  • Planning and execution of environmental certificate/license courses, qualification review and examination affairs
  • Planning and execution of on-the-job/induction training courses for dedicated workers and technicians for environmental protection
  • Planning and execution of selection and commendation of model workers and technicians for environmental protection
  • Management of professional environmental certificate/license training institutions
Ministry of Environment