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Green Mark Criteria

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Taiwan Green Mark is defined as a Type I eco-label according to the ISO 14024 international standard. According to the definition by ISO , a Type I eco-label is a voluntary, multiple criteria, third-party verified program that awards the label to products that can reduce overall environmental impact.

Therefore, Green Mark first establishes product criteria with life cycle considerations for various product categories. Based on the pre-defined product criteria, product verification is carried out, and the right to use Green Mark is granted.

As Green Mark is only awarded to the top 20% to 30% of products with the best environmental performance in the same category, when formulating the Green Mark criteria for each product category, it is necessary to define the environmental characteristics of "low pollution, resource conservation, and recyclability" in the product's life cycle, including sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, use, disposal, and recycling. After drafting the criteria, they are reviewed by a working group and then undergo a public hearing, where industry and relevant stakeholders are invited to discuss and provide their opinions. After the public hearing, a committee of expert advisors reviews the feedback to determine which reasonable requests should be adopted or revised. Finally, the criteria are submitted to the Green Consumption and Environmental Protection Products Review Council (the Review Council) for deliberation, and if approved, they are announced.

Since the first batch of product criteria was announced on February 15th, 1993, there have been over 14 major product categories and more than a hundred product criteria published. For more details, please visit the Green Living website to inquire about the Green Mark criteria and learn more about Green Mark verified products.

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