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The air quality observation stations utilize 24-hour automatic and consecutive instruments that submit observation data to the observation center hourly. The instruments are programmed to automatically adjust themselves daily. Controlled by the computer programs of the observation center, the instruments will adjust themselves regularly to ensure the accuracy of all observation data. After the data is submitted to the observation center and analysed by computer, it is converted into pollutant standard index (PSI).

PSI reports were provided and faxed to mass media and local environmental protection departments every day from 11am to 3pm. Since November 1994, PSI and air quality forcasts have been updated on the MOENV global website and made available to all communities. The public can access the latest air quality forecasts and reports through internet. The reports include an introduction of the Air Quality Observation and Forecast Network, air quality in a given region, definition of PSI and the latest air quality of given regions.

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