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Promoting Cross-Agency Digital Services

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As digital technology drives trends in the new century, implementing digital information technology to promote digital government transformation has become a crucial policy. In 2019, based on the President's policies, a medium to long-term project called the "Smart Environmental Protection One-Stop Service" was formulated and submitted. It was later approved by the Executive Yuan as a sub-project under the "Service-Oriented Smart Government 2.0 (2021-2025)" program. The main focus is to actively promote cross-agency digital services, implement major smart government policies, and provide convenient services across different agencies, fully utilizing the concept of a citizen-centric digital government. The Smart Government program aims to replace traditional on-site services with digital information services, allowing citizens to apply, process, and submit various documents and services online. By deepening the application of emerging technologies, the government enhances smart services, improves the user experience for citizens, and builds a more accessible and efficient service system. Following the Executive Yuan's "Service-Oriented Smart Government 2.0 Promotion Plan" task force meeting, a top-down approach is used to accelerate data release, drive data reuse, and utilize people's livelihood data. This approach fosters new perspectives in governance, connects technological applications, and innovates service delivery to execute important policies for digital transformation. To prioritize issues concerning citizens' digital service needs, the establishment of a cross-agency working group has been proposed, employing a top-down approach to drive strategy implementation and achieve the digital transformation of public services. Through collaboration between the public and private sectors and regulatory adjustments, the department actively increases its own digital transformation efforts.

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