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Resource Circulation Action Plan

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According to Article 5 of the "Resource Recycling Act", the Resource Circulation Administration(RECA) established the "Renewable Resource Recycling and Reuse Promotion Committee" ("the Promotion Committee"). To meet the current situation and future development of the industry, and to better execute the 8th Key strategy of the net zero transition "Resource Circulation and Zero Waste", five divisional groups were established by the promotion committee, including "Biomass Group", "Organic Chemicals Group", "Metals and Chemicals Group", "Inorganic Recycled Granules Group" and "Green Life and Consumption Group".

This structure sets clear responsibilities and duties for each divisional group, strengthening the cooperation between each division across all departments to formulate the "Resource Circulation Action Plan". Each division will propose "Key Issues" for specific issues or specific resources that need to look into and propose "Key Projects" based on the results of the work review, to promote resource circulation from the perspective of material life cycles, and gradually implement the target vision of zero waste.

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