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Drinking Water Management Act

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Drinking water in Taiwan is mainly regulated by the Drinking Water Management Act, which can be divided into four main parts: water source management, water quality control, equipment maintenance, and chemical treatment.

Water source management includes defining "areas within a certain distance of a drinking water source quality protection area or drinking water intake point" and clearly prohibiting "acts that pollute water source quality" to ensure the quality of our drinking water. The municipality, county or city competent authority in question determines the scope of the drinking water source quality protection area and the certain distance from drinking water intake points in the foregoing paragraph, and shall issue official announcements after approval by the central competent authority. The central competent authority shall make determinations and issue official announcements for circumstances that involve two or more municipalities, counties or cities.

 "Acts that pollute water source quality" are detailed with Article 5 of the Drinking Water Management Act, which clearly identifies 12 actions. Regulatory entities include polluting factories, development of other energies, development of new communities, golf courses, etc. Articles 7 to 11 of the Drinking Water Management Act Enforcement Rules specifies the relevant definitions and criteria. 

Article 6 of the Drinking Water Management Act stipulates that "only those water bodies designated in each subparagraph of Article 3, Paragraph 2 that meet water quality standards for drinking water sources may serve as drinking water sources. However, drinking water source or water treatment and improvement plans submitted to the central competent authority in application for approval shall not be subject to this restriction".

"Drinking water source quality or water treatment improvement plans" are approved in accordance with the Standards for Reviewing Improvement Plans Regarding Drinking Water Source Quality or Water Treatment. The Drinking Water Source Quality Standards puts forth standards for various testing items to ensure water quality of drinking water sources.

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